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the revolution
Abington Advisory is led by highly-skilled professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in global advisory firms. This experience gave them the ability to analyze, to understand and to anticipate consulting mutations. By addressing these issues, they gained the conviction that the theory of evolution is a relevant source of inspiration for organizations.

The 1st Darwinian advisory firm
Abington Advisory is therefore the world’s first consulting firm which considers Darwin’s evolution theory as part of its DNA. Applying it to new business trends is the next obvious step we are working on…

Combined expertise for a tailored service
Abington Advisory looks at your company in a different way. For this reason, Abington Advisory makes the commitment, to consider that companies' both internal and global environments must be analyzed. This new approach leads us to take another path, to explore innovative solutions, and to express new ideas: transformation of operational models, adequacy to needs and performance optimization.

« Strategic partnership on blockchain services between Abington International and Dybaw »

« Abington acts as Opera Lebanon’s main financial advisor »

National survey by Abington Advisory conducted of French Regional and General Councils leaders : media talk about it !

National survey by Abington Advisory: “Unprecedented reforms of French Regional Councils and General Councils: leaders give their point of view”

Eric Gallardo interviewed in the « Cahiers du Tourisme » (first French magazine for tourism industry) : « Is Paris still the first shopping destination for foreign tourists ? » published in French only.

LSA, first French media on consumption and distribution, published key data of our survey on tourists’ behaviors in Paris (in French only).

Christophe Platet interviewed by the Harvard Business Review in the survey « Modern Business Planning » led with Tidemark.

Cedric Schoenecker in Les Echos, “Territorial reform : an opportunity to modernize our administration” (France)

Tourism Market in Paris, "Brasilian, Chinese and Russian tourists in Paris : love and shopping"

Philippe Ausseur in JDN, « Amazon investing in Colis Privé : what will change in French market »

Philippe Ausseur, sharing on Cdiscount in Africa, published in « Points de vente »

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